Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Critics On the Aticle "Lack of Representation in Legislature

I agree with my colleague opinion that he puts on the article,
Lack of Representation in Legislature.” He tries to point about
the ethnics representation in the legislature should be diverse.
At the same time, minority needs to have the chance elect their
own representative based on the number of population. All these
helps to narrow the gap between the majority and minority.
He also mention in the article, we have to encourage the
representative by raising their salary so more candidates
can afford to run for office. The over all idea is helping the
minority to raise their number on the legislature process
and make them part of it.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The Consequence Of Slashing Medical Benifit From Mentally Ill People

We are weaker on supplying sufficient health care and treatment for those mentally ill people. The reason expressed by the Gov. Perry and Health and Human Service Commissioner is the budget crisis. This shouldn’t make them to decide this horrible decision on their own citizen. Some of the Legislators opposed the proposal. They expressed their deepest concern about the consequences will happen. The path is not compassionate. It is not appropriate to ignore the vital health care needs of the citizen. Crafting responsible public policy that serves the public good is the duty of the government. This proposal affects a significant number of citizens, specially minorities and senior citizens. It is not humanly that let our mentally disable citizens feel worthless and lose their future hope. In addition, at least one state school for mentally retarded will be closed. A state hospital for the mentally ill is closed as well with 41,000 mentally ill Texans denied service. This is horrific decision. The over all idea beyond this decision is how few people in the power can change anything for the sake of few individual benefit. It is important for the government of Texas to review and make the change on this wrong path that affects the public severely.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

According to the article"Dewhurst presses for community college money” the Lt. Gov.David Dewhurst tries to persuade and convince the Legislator the $154 million in the State funding for community colleges. He was against on raising tuition or limit enrollment ,which can affect the public in many different ways. Education has major role for the growing economy of the country and even matters on individual life which helps to maintain better life. The Lt. Gov. stands firm on his believe over the funding. “I’ve had enough of this,” He said of quarreling over the funding. “I want to see $154 million go back in to our community colleges. I don’t want to see tuition increases, local tax increases or restricted enrollment.” At the same time, he respects the Gov.stands on this issue but he does not agree.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Light Rail

If you live in far north or far south Austin, and you work downtown, you must leave home at least forty-five minutes in advance, only to get caught in several traffic jams, encounter rude drivers,and witness possibly several car accidents. Driving to and from work in Austin in the twenty-first century is not pleasant, to say the least. What is especially difficult in Texas is how so many people wrap up their identity with the cars or pick-ups they drive. We are used so much space since Texas is relatively still spacious, especially compare to New York, where people in the large cities are forced to define themselves other than the kind of vehicle they drive. In other words, we are spoiled. We have space and we expect space. That expectation of space and freedom is partially responsible for the attitude of so many who feel that urban transportation is limiting and invasive. I think it's really important to read this article about light rail.