Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Light Rail

If you live in far north or far south Austin, and you work downtown, you must leave home at least forty-five minutes in advance, only to get caught in several traffic jams, encounter rude drivers,and witness possibly several car accidents. Driving to and from work in Austin in the twenty-first century is not pleasant, to say the least. What is especially difficult in Texas is how so many people wrap up their identity with the cars or pick-ups they drive. We are used so much space since Texas is relatively still spacious, especially compare to New York, where people in the large cities are forced to define themselves other than the kind of vehicle they drive. In other words, we are spoiled. We have space and we expect space. That expectation of space and freedom is partially responsible for the attitude of so many who feel that urban transportation is limiting and invasive. I think it's really important to read this article about light rail.

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KSeago said...

Good start. Watch your grammar and spelling.