Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Critics On the Aticle "Lack of Representation in Legislature

I agree with my colleague opinion that he puts on the article,
Lack of Representation in Legislature.” He tries to point about
the ethnics representation in the legislature should be diverse.
At the same time, minority needs to have the chance elect their
own representative based on the number of population. All these
helps to narrow the gap between the majority and minority.
He also mention in the article, we have to encourage the
representative by raising their salary so more candidates
can afford to run for office. The over all idea is helping the
minority to raise their number on the legislature process
and make them part of it.


KSeago said...

You've got the kernel (the beginning) of a good commentary. Is it important to have minority representation in the Legislature? Of course. The question is how to get minorities elected.

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